The Canadalend Approval Process Covers You from Start to Finish

Whether it’s your first home, your existing home, or a line of credit—you want to know that the approval process will transpire seamlessly. The Canadalend approval process is simple, complete, and professional. From the first steps to the last, you’ll know that you’re in good hands, while receiving a financial solution that fits your circumstance.


How Does the Canadalend Approval Process Happen?


Step One – The Research 

First, you decide how much money you need. If it’s a purchase, you want to know how much you can afford. Mortgages are based on your ability to repay, as well as the value of the property. Canadalend offers online mortgage calculators to show you how much you can afford, compare mortgage options, see how long it will take to pay off a loan, see how much you qualify for, and determine how much you can save in a refinance.


Step Two – The Application

Canadalend makes it easy! Apply by phone, online, or in person – they’ll even come to you. They ask all the right questions, but more importantly, they listen.


Step Three – The Right Mortgage

Whether you’re drawn to a fixed rate mortgage or a variable rate, for any purpose or applicant, they do it all!


Step Four – Documents 

A Canadalend mortgage professional can offer advice if you’re self-employed, have commissioned income, bruised credit, or a past bankruptcy. Whatever your circumstance, they’ll treat you with respect, dignity, and professionalism every step of the way.


Step Five – The Mortgage Submission 

Canadalend shops the banks, private lenders, and many other sources. We deal with lenders who approve all kinds of risk and circumstances. 


Step Six – The Mortgage Approval 

This is the step that puts smiles on the faces of borrowers. Canadalend has many satisfied customers; you can read our stories on the Canadalend website.


TIP – This is also the step where you discover the value of your property (the lender’s property appraisal).


Step Seven – The Mortgage Documents & Closing 

Canadalend will prepare all documents for your lawyer and will advise you on what documents to bring to the closing. ‘Closing’ is where you sign the mortgage agreement – usually at your lawyer’s office. Your lawyer will register the sale (title), the new mortgage, and direct funds to the vendor (if it’s a purchase) or previous lender (if it’s a refinance).


After dealing with Canadalend, you’ll have a financial advisor for life. At your request – we’ll solve financial problems and deliver financial dreams. 


Open, transparent, professional, and complete,

you’re in good hands with the Canadalend approval process.


4 member reviews
    By Mark
    Thank you Canadalend for helping me with mortgage approval advice.
    so hellpful with their responses to mortgage related questions
    The Canadalend team helped me when I had no where else to turn. Thank you so much
    By Flux
    Very Helpful financing and lending information!